VAT Registrations

You can't issue sales invoices with VAT on until you've successfully registered.

In addition, there are significant penalties for not registering for VAT on time. When you do register there are then a whole host of different schemes you could take advantage of. Some you have to notify HMRC you are using and some you don't.

We can register you for VAT and advise on the schemes to use. There are then strict rules on when you can reclaim VAT on expenses that we can advise on to help you maximise VAT reclaims. We can also provide training in completion of VAT returns or we can complete them for you.

In addition we can assist with...

  • VAT planning
  • Dealing with any contentious disputes that arise with HMRC.
  • Attendance at VAT inspections.
  • Representation at VAT tribunals.

Please contact us if you have any queries on this service.